How to get a FREE ADS SPACE

*Featured ads space (above blog post) is currently not available yet. 

How to get an ads space in our blog? It's absolutely FREE! :D

  1. Link us! ;D We'll be very happy if you can blog about us a lil. :p
  2. E-mail, tell us that you've linked us and send us your ad banner.
  3. Wait for our confirmation e-mail.
  4. Ta~dahh~ your ads is up! :D
Important notes:  
  • To be fair, each ads will be up for only 3 weeks duration.
  • After the 3 weeks duration, you can apply for another free ads space again.
  • If the ads space is all reserved/fulled, we will put your ads in the waiting list. No worries, soon will be your turn. :)
  • We don't feature blogshops that have a lousy services. Once your blogshop receive more than 2 bad comments from the buyers and we haven't got your clarification, we have the right to get your ads off here. Thus, keep up your good attitude and service sellers :)